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Hello Friends! My name is Jahanzaib khan. I am 17 Year Old young Entrepreneur from the city of Quetta Pakistan. I’m a Web Designer, Web Developer of Quettawal | Web Designing | Developing. I know the art of putting self learning content in simple and easy way specially for technical and professional courses, :)

Presently operating to build a virtual society/network of the destiny at Baluchistan where anybody can visit analyze and explore. research online speak and of course can communicate with people everywhere in the globe.I am centered on fine and cost-effective solutions whether this is web sites or software's.

My mission is to give better IT (Information Technology) education to Balochistan,Pakistan, (Jahasoft institute information & Technology) Future Academy of Balochistan,Pakistan, I already struggled very hard in many many academies to learn better IT skills but due to no scope of IT in our society,

i was failed to learn creatively, but as researching alot made me to find out online lectures by best professors & lecturer of the world best universities, then keep learning it in day to day life, then finally i belived in myself that, I have skills to prove to the world. So, basically i don't want others to waste their precious time, but they can come any time and get world best class education from JahaSoft Academy.

Desire to bring up the best IT education at Balochistan,Quetta. Where everyone can build their own Apps,Websites,Software etc.

All in all, JahaSoft.com brings the opportunity to employ all of our applications to archive the dream without any fee. Become the leader in your business and build websites with us. So do not waste your time, simplify work and join us as Member now!

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JahaSoft visiting card enables you directly contact Jahanzaib khan. visiting card also enables you to directly visit my company. JahaSoft aims to provides you everything you wanted too, So what are you waiting for contact us now. we will build responsive websites for you in a very reasonable price, with cheap web hosting.

Jahanzaib khan